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    Why MP Credit Repair

    Personal service designed with YOU in mind While many situations may be similar, no two people are exactly alike.  You deserve to be treated with respect as an individual.  MP Credit Repair carefully evaluates your particular circumstances before implementing a proprietary plan to restore your credit rating and get the results you want and need.  Once you become our client, our state of the art technology  will allow you 24 hour access into our system to track and monitor your progress.

    Professional Experience: there is no substitute It’s the law of supply and demand that there is always an explosion of new credit advisors during economic downturns.  MP Credit Repair isn’t the new kid on the block.  The team at MP Credit Repair has been providing professional credit repair services for many years and the results speak louder than any sales pitch.  With banking and credit experience, the staff understands what loan underwriters look for, how a credit bureau report is interpreted and what it takes to ensure you get the results you need.  Only years of experience and dedicated commitment can deliver the kind of personal, professional and result-focused service you get from MP Credit Repair.

    • A message from the President

      ‘There are victims and there are those who overcome. I understand how difficult it can be when your circumstances seem overwhelming. As a cancer survivor, I know first-hand what it’s like to face something big and scary. With my 25 years of experience in the banking industry I know how to help you get out of the financial mess you’re in.
      Bailing water out of a sinking boat is a never-ending battle…unless you first patch the hole. I and my team of credit repair experts will show you how to clean up your credit and show you how to keep it clean. With our expertise and knowledge we have learned how to use every angle, every opening to make a difference for our clients.
      My system for credit repair contains no surprises and no gimmicks. Our job is to make you fit into the box and then sell that package to the bank. I and my team will make sure you’ll swim and not sink. We pride ourselves on excellence and love helping people in ALL debt situations.
      The only thing standing between you and the future you want is a phone call to us.
      Make the call and let’s make a difference that will change your life for the better.’
      Diane Carroll