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    Credit Repair

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    In the company name of MP Credit Repair, the letters ‘MP’ stand for money and property: the two things people work hard to obtain, retain and protect.  When financial hardships or personal tragedies occur, they can have a devastating effect on our ability to hold onto what we have, including our good credit.  MP Credit Repair knows how to get you back on your feet.

    Credit Repair is not a one-step process.  There are a multitude of considerations.  MP Credit Repair wades through the maze and reduces the process into a proven and time-tested procedure that gets results.  Credit repair involves many steps, which include:

    • Meticulous review of multiple credit bureau reports to 1: ensure we know the WHOLE picture and 2: develop the right plan for you.
    • Identification of detrimental information and derogatory accounts.  NOTE: It’s more than late payments that attract negative attention.
    • Establish a plan for eliminating the derogatory accounts from your report.
    • Actively disputing erroneous information on your credit bureau report.
    • Acting as a liaison between you and your creditors to achieve your goals and clean up your credit bureau report.  We know EVERYTHING that lender’s look for and we know how to make them love you.
    • FICO Score Boost: developing a comprehensive plan for not only increasing your FICO score but also maintaining it.

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